Deep-dicked Dee Delmar

Deep-dicked Dee Delmar

Deep-dicked Dee Delmar

It’s tell and show time with Dee Delmar, a 48-year-old swinger from Tampa, Florida. Before this auburn-haired MILF gets down to fucking, she tells us a little bit about herself. She’s a first-timer, so we asked her what she liked best about the experience.

“Being pampered with hair and makeup and then nice, big, hard cocks to fuck,” Dee said.

No surprise. Dee lives in a nudist resort in Tampa and does a lot of fucking. The first time she visited the place, she got there on Wednesday afternoon and didn’t leave until Sunday. That should tell you something about how much she likes sex. But, as we said, this is tell and show, so after the telling, Dee shows us how much she loves big, hard cocks to fuck.

A few things we learn about Dee in this video:

1. She’s expert at giving head. She gets really deep. At one point, the guy is on his back and Dee is sucking his cock. Then she holds her head still so he can pump her mouth with his dick meat. She gets very deep and gets his cock very wet.

2. It’s easy to make her cum.

3. Her pussy can accommodate a lot of cock.

4. She loves eating a guy’s cum.

5. She enjoys having sex in public.

“One time, a long time ago, I was with a couple of friends, and we walked outside of the club, and they had a pretty big car, and one of the guys and I were riding on the hood, and they were taking a video of us while I was giving the guy a blow job.”

And if anyone else was watching, that was perfectly fine by Dee.

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A big cock for the little lady

A big cock for the little lady

A big cock for the little lady

Niki, 47, tells her guy she’s been thinking about him all day. She’s wearing sheer, white lingerie that barely covers her tiny body. Her tiny body features big fake tits and a shaved cunt with a tattoo on top.

“That wet pussy is just for you, sweetheart,” she tells her man, her hands on his cock, her ass in the air.

She hands him a glass of wine, but what he really wants to hold are her tits and ass. Soon enough.

In the first several minutes of this video, Niki gives a lesson in dick-sucking and getting throat fucked. If you have a girlfriend or a wife who’s a head sucker, show her this video. Niki also knows a thing or two about sucking balls. Later, she gives a lesson in how to take a big cock in your pussy. If you’ve ever been with women who’ve said, “I’m so tight and little. I can’t take such a big cock!” Niki proves that they’re all liars. She’s only 5’4″, 101 pounds and she takes Juan’s cock deep and hard.

Niki is a fine example for every woman out there.


Rising for Dawn

Rising for Dawn

Rising for Dawn

A woman like Dawn doesn’t need an escort, but sometimes it’s easier than way. No promises, no having to worry about whether you’re impressing the other person, no wondering about whether he’s going to call you the next day, and when you get back home after dinner…

“I’ve been horny all night,” Dawn tells her pay-for-play guy.

But it turns out he doesn’t do that kind of thing. At least not usually. Tonight, though, he’s going to make an exception. Because when a hot MILF like Dawn, all dolled up and looking sexy in a tight, blue dress, wants your cock, you don’t withhold the meat.

Dawn is 46 years old. She’s married. She has children back home in Arizona. She normally doesn’t do this kind of thing. She’s not even a swinger.

But, hey, sometimes a woman has to turn her wild side loose. And what better place to do it than at

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Divorcee, mother of three, fuck star

Divorcee, mother of three, fuck star

Divorcee, mother of three, fuck star

Cami Cline, a 42-year-old divorcee from Florida, looks like she’s ready for action in her stockings, garter and heels. Actually, what makes us think she’s ready for action is that she can’t keep her hands off her guy’s crotch.

“What you got down there for me?” Cami says.

“A little surprise,” he says.

“A little surprise?” Cami says. “I like big surprises. Feels like that little surprise you brought me is getting bigger.”

It turns out to be a big, hard surprise that Cami takes in her mouth and pussy, and her reward is a load of porn stud cum all over her pretty face.

Cami is 5’8″ tall and weighs 128 pounds. Her measurements are 34C-26-35. She’s divorced. She’s a mother of three. She has a very nice, direct approach to sex.

“I love blowing him then just getting on top of him and having my way,” she said.

We’re sure she’s never had a complaint.

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First-timer, not a cum dodger

First-timer, not a cum dodger

First-timer, not a cum dodger

The question of whether a woman should have her eyes open or closed when she’s sucking and fucking on camera is one men have debated forever. Some women have to be told to open their eyes once in a while and make eye-contact with the viewer. But 46-year-old first-timer Janee Diamond never had to be told. For Janee, looking into the camera and connecting with all of us was a big part of the thrill of doing her first hardcore scene. She got off on the idea of it as much as you’re about to get off on watching her.

“It’s very exciting,” Janee said.

Back home in Atlanta, Georgia, Janee is a wife and stay-at-home mom. A typical day for her might consist of getting the kids fed and ready for school, going to the gym, coming back home and cleaning the house (and maybe using her favorite toy on her pussy), cooking dinner for her husband and children, then going to bed (and by going to bed, we don’t mean going to sleep; Janee and her husband have a very active sex life). But here, Janee is doing something most stay-at-home moms don’t do: fucking on-camera with a stud she met about 10 minutes before his cock met her mouth.

“Before this, probably the wildest thing I’ve ever done was have sex in a night club parking lot in Niagara Falls, New York,” said Janee, who was born in Canada. “Five guys took turns gangbanging me in the back seat of a car.”

Janee enjoys watching hockey (her favorite team is the Buffalo Sabres). She fantasizes about having sex on the beach with multiple black men. She likes wearing short skirts with low-cut tops and high heels. She measures 36-25-34. Her tits are DD-cups.

And, as you’re about to see, she’s not a cum dodger.

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