<b>Kitchen cream dreams</b>

Kitchen cream dreams

Kitchen cream dreams

This scene marked Katarina Dubrova‘s return to SCORE after several years. Too many years. After this was originally posted at SCORELAND, Katarina got knocked up and was fucked knocked-up by her knocker-upper, the only guy who gets to fuck her on-camera or off-camera.

Katarina has the body of a fashion model and the boobs of a SCORE Girl. Her natural tits are not especially large by SCORE standards, but a girl with one of the most beautiful faces I’ve seen can get a pass.

Even though Katarina’s glammed-up in his scene, she still looks like the girl-next-door. She has no tattoos, and that’s rare today. Katarina’s only body art is a pierced belly button. She’s a member of the long pussy lips club with labia that are thick and pliable, like her perky nipples. Her tits began to develop at 13 and she started modeling when she was 19. Katarina has a regular job, too. She seems like she would jump on one of those cam sites and do shows from home, but she has no interest.

I’m hoping we’ll photograph her soon. I’ve seen some recent at-home shots her agent sent and her mid-section looks great. Pregnancy and childbirth didn’t turn her belly into a road map of the Czech Republic, proving she has a strong, resilient body.

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