<b>Rack ’em up!</b>

Rack ’em up!

Rack 'em up!

Gya‘s in the pool hall, and she’s here to rack ’em up then rack you up.

She’ll beat the pants off you, and that’s her intention.

I didn’t know how good Gya was at handling a stick until this video. Gya’s a girl of many talents, but she never mentioned how hot she was on the felt. Let me declare now that I’ve urged the SCORE studio to photograph Gya again. She really knows how to work it.

One of Gya’s many talents is self-sucking her nipples. Many girls are, to be polite, not good at it, for different reasons. I can see that Gya gets off on nipple stimulation.

“I have a fetish for sucking my nipples, actually,” Gya explained. “It began when I started masturbating on-cam. I would touch my breasts, and one day I realized that my nipples were very sensitive. So, since they were so big, I started licking my nipples while I touched myself and I found that I could cum faster when I did that, so I began sucking them while I masturbated, and now it is one of my biggest fetishes. I love having my nipples sucked on for hours. It feels very good. If there is no one to do it for me, I will suck on them myself.”

Now watch Gya sink those balls.

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