Maya takes the plunge

Maya takes the plunge

Maya takes the plunge

Meet Maya Milano, a university student in Europe who decided to show her G-cup naturals (and more) for all of us to see. Why did she do it?

“I always get a lot of attention because of my breasts, so I thought, ‘Why not?'” Maya said through a translator (she speaks very little English).

Maya was not a late bloomer. Her big naturals began to develop when she was only 14 years old.

“Everyone was asking me if they were real, if they were natural,” she said. “I started to get a lot of attention. But now that I have begun to model for SCORE, it’s really getting interesting.”

Meaning she’s getting a lot more attention and also showing a lot more when she goes out in public. Modeling for SCORELAND will give a girl that kind of confidence boost. I’ve seen it happen before: girls who were relatively shy when they came to our studio suddenly becoming a lot more outgoing when they saw their photos and videos. That’s why it’s always important to tell a woman how beautiful she is.

“To be a model is the most-fun thing I’ve done,” said Maya, who shot her first scenes in Prague. “I love to visit the studio and see the city when the shooting is over. Girls with my kind of body can model and should not let anyone stand in the way of their interests. You do not have to be a skinny girl to be a model.”

No, but if you want to model for us, you do have to have big tits and a pretty face. Maya has all of that.

See More of Maya Milano at SCORELAND2.COM!

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