<b>Destiny & Kaytee in <i>More To Fuck</i></b>

Destiny & Kaytee in More To Fuck

Destiny & Kaytee in More To Fuck

What do you do when you have six girls for a XXX DVD but one of the girls doesn’t want to fuck on-camera?

That was the dilemma we faced in early 2010 when we began planning a new movie called More To Fuck. The movie was a takeoff on a popular TV reality show in which a bachelor tries to find love among 20 plus-size women. He might have fucked those girls to find the girl of his dreams. He might not have. We didn’t get to see that on TV, which was the whole point of More To Fuck: A man was going to find the girl of his dreams, and each girl was going to do everything in her power to prove that she was the girl of his dreams. And if that meant fucking him, great.

Well, at least most of the girls felt that way. Destiny Rose didn’t.

Destiny was a pretty, corn-fed stripper from Ohio who had been in our studio once before and wasn’t ready to fuck on-camera. I don’t know why. She just wasn’t. But the other girls in the DVD–Alanna Ackerman, Anna Kay, Tatianna Blair, Melonie Max and host Kaytee Carter–were perfectly willing to fuck on-camera.

The solution was this scene, in which Destiny and Kaytee put on a girl-girl show for the bachelor, John, with kissing, tit-play, pussy eating and asshole fingering. This is one of the more-unusual scenes we’ve ever shot because the guy watches but never gets involved.

And, surprisingly, in a movie filled with hot sucking and fucking, it was one of the most-popular scenes. Having two great girls like Kaytee (who only fucked once on-camera) and Destiny really getting into each other didn’t hurt.

The fringe benefit of that scene was that Destiny eventually graduated to boy-girl. I guess being in the company of so many girls who fucked on-camera might have given her some ideas or wiped out any misgivings she might have had about hardcore. Whatever, I’m kinda glad Destiny wasn’t fucking on-camera back then because if she was, we wouldn’t have had this scene.

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