<b>My first XXX</b>

My first XXX

My first XXX

A blonde brickhouse, 46-30-38 Jenna Jayden is from Ohio, where she first got into professional stripping.

Said Jenna, “I’m always playing with my big tits. They’re 38H and I enjoy showing them off. I like to see the reactions I get. I’m a feature entertainer in clubs and wear thousand-dollar costumes and stage props. I dance and do pole work.”

Jenna first came to SCORE (which was appreciated) to take out her giant tits and spread her pussy. A month later, she returned to do hardcore.

Her first fuck show was with JMac. Smiling, she tells him and the director how she likes to have sex.

“I like it rough with a lot of ass smacking. Pull my hair to some extent as long as you don’t pull it out. I like my boobs played with, sucked on, a little smacked-around. I’m good with all that.” She was also good with JMac jacking off in her face.

JMac gets the stacked blonde on her knees and gives her the boner. Between her sucking and jerking, he bones her cleavage. Slapping her fleshy ass cheeks, he has Jenna lean on a dining room table and starts pounding her the way she talked about. Believe us, this girl can handle it. She’s a strong girl. The piledriver position? No problem for Jenna.

“I’m not a foreplay kind of girl. I’d rather have my tits sucked and played with and start fuckin’ right away. That’s something else I find appealing about doing porn with guys with big cocks. It’s all about the sex. I’m a big show-off. I’m the first to admit that.”

After SCORE, Jenna (who’s married, by the way) went off to Nevada to Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch brothel. Like she said, “It’s all about the sex.”

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