Roxee: A Canadian With Moxie

Roxee: A Canadian With Moxie

Roxee: A Canadian With Moxie

Having Roxee Robinson back at XL Girls is always a great pleasure. The camera loves her. She has a welcoming personality on-video as well as huge, juicy tits and a big, round butt. She’s nice and thick all over and super-approachable. Like it’s said: more to love.

XLGirls: Roxee, do you like bras that hook in the back or in the front?

Roxee: I do not believe a bra that hooks in the front would be able to contain these jugs of mine. I stick to bras that hook at the back.

XLGirls: What’s the most satisfying sex toy you’ve ever used?

Roxee: Surprisingly, my Hitachi Body Wand. I can cum again and again and again. I’m practicing to squirt as well and that toy makes me feel so close to squirting.

XLGirls: What are the top three things your fans ask you to do?

Roxee: To show off my ass more. To do a scene with another girl. More messy, big tit bouncing.

XLGirls: How do other, less boob-fortunate women, react to you?

Roxee: They usually look at me with anger! Some look at me like I am a goddess.

XLGirls: Goddess? As well they should. Be seeing ya, Roxee.

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