Close Encounters of the Mega-Boobed Kind

Close Encounters of the Mega-Boobed Kind

Close Encounters of the Mega-Boobed Kind

When SCORELAND published Minka‘s hardcore return, “Mega Boob Office,” Hot Rod Slinkn commented, “It’s a great layout of one of the all time GREAT Mega-boob models, BUT, yes but…sorry guys but here I go again…we have another missed opportunity. This was a great opportunity to see Minka bra-less in, none the less, a white top. But NO they don’t shoot even one shot of her like that. Can you just imagine, cause you’re going to have to, those magnificent breasts and nipples of hers straining and popping behind that bright white top?”

Well, Hot Rod jumped the gun because Minka actually did put on a tight, white mini-dress without a bra when she was here. So we do know great opportunities when we see them and Minka visiting SCORE for the first time in several years was one of those photo opportunities.

Role model to many SCORE Girls, Minka stays super-slim with constant tennis playing and practice. We’ve seen her destroy the toughest male and female opponents.

SCORELAND: You said you like small dicks. What about a gang bang with small dicks?

Minka: One guy with a small dick! One is fine! I like one-on-one. I have a small mouth and a small pussy.

SCORELAND:: What’s really sexy to you?

Minka: Very big boobs on a small body.

SCORELAND: What is the worst thing a guy can say to a woman.

Minka: Call her a bitch.

SCORELAND: Has the fetish world ever interested you?

Minka: No, I’m not interested in kinky things much.

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