Bikini Buster!

Bikini Buster!

Bikini Buster!

“I’m a professional big-booby bouncer,” Sarah Rae told us a few years ago. Ain’t that the truth. This scene is a first. The first time Sarah’s been filmed outdoors and in a pool and the first time she’s worn a bikini. Actually she tried on several bikinis. Wow! Finally!

XLGirls: How would you describe yourself?

Sarah Rae: I’m bouncy, peppy, smiley and bursting with boobs and love.

XLGirls: Indeed you are. You’re very proud of your boobs. This we know.

Sarah Rae: Yes, I’m proud and very conceited about them. I’m always showing them off and talking about them. I just think they’re extremely amazing, and I’m always trying to show them off and always talking highly about them. My boobs make me happy.

XLGirls: Show them off in what way?

Sarah Rae: Well, I always wear really low-cut and tight shirts, and sometimes I wear bras that are smaller than my actual boobs to give me lots of cleavage. It doesn’t hurt and luckily I don’t have back problems.

XLGirls: You’re out in public. Should a guy make comments about your boobs?

Sarah Rae: He should tell me that I’m beautiful…gorgeous. Say something positive about my figure.

XLGirls: What’s the wrong thing to say?

Sarah Rae: “Does your back hurt?” “Can I suck on them?”

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