<b>The sexiest cowgirl in the South</b>

The sexiest cowgirl in the South

The sexiest cowgirl in the South

Alabama’s own Rockell is a Southern girl, but she’s also a country girl from a rural area, which means she’s every inch a cowgirl, too.

“I spent many nights riding down dirt roads in the middle of nowhere,” says this hot blonde with the beautifully shaped naturals and bootylicous ass. “We used to drink. That’s what you do in little Southern towns because there isn’t much else to do. You have bonfires and everyone gets together. Everyone knows everyone’s business.

“In the South, there’s a thing about Southern generosity, and it’s true. I’ve gone to other places where they weren’t so hospitable, so I definitely love the South. Even here in South Florida!”

Rockell attracts a lot of attention, so when she recently returned to our studio, Elliot James asked her if she’s ever seen a guy get hit by his wife or girlfriend for checking her out.

“I think that goes without saying,” Rockell said. “Men will be men. It’s a natural thing. They see a beautiful woman and you know they are gonna look. It works both ways. If I see a man I find attractive, I’m gonna look because that’s human nature, right? I tend to turn these ol’ country boys’ heads!”

That does not surprise me at all, although I think men should get a pass for checking out Rockell. After all, girls like her are pretty uncommon, and a guy would have to be dead to not get aroused by Rockell. If I were a woman and my guy didn’t check out Rockell, I’d wonder if he were straight.

Anyway, here’s Rockell as a cowgirl. Ride her!

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