USA Bra-Bustin’!

USA Bra-Bustin’!

USA Bra-Bustin'!

“Most of you already know by now that I have a very special connection for bras – I use the same bra-maker as the Queen herself does, and I have to say she does an absolutely splendid job. I wonder if she has a web site? Hmmmm for the big-breasted woman in your life, you really can’t go wrong with the Queen’s favorite, you know? If I find out, for all you guys who are dating big-breasted women, and for my girl fans that are in need of some true support, I’ll let you know here on the site.

The last time I did a bra fashion show with all of my Queenly cup-holders, the response was tremendous. I got e-mail for weeks about your favorites, and which one you liked seeing me in the most, and why. Well, one of you patriotic sorts (you know who you are, E.G.!) thought that maybe I would like to see how things “hold up” in the good old USA style. So, I agreed, and E.G. shipped me several bras made in the States for me to try.

“You men who’ve tried on different pairs of shoes or trousers already know that not every clothier sizes the exact same way. Maybe your Nikes and Reeboks don’t quite fit the same, even though they’re the same size. Well, the same goes for bras. It’s not quite so noticeable when you’re an A or B-cup, but when you get to be as big as I am, and your boobs are straining HHH, you definitely notice when you have a little room, and when you don’t! Not having enough room in a bra can be like not having hands big enough to hold them up. Sure, it might feel nice for a few minutes, but when you begin spilling out all over, you know you don’t want to be out in public that way!

“E.G. will have this to say when he sees this week’s upload – he did have his hands all over my bra! I think the one I like most is the blue one, although the shiny one I’m wearing right near the end is also pretty nice. The black one that I’m wearing is very nice also, but it looks even bigger than it needs to be. It’s almost like an armor-plated shield over each boob. I know, I know, the blue one is a little plain, and you might find it boring, but hey, I’m usually not wearing a bra for excitement every day, right? And besides, doesn’t the excitement grow when it’s coming off?

“I’ll say this – you Americans can certainly hold up in the bra department. Some of them may be rather plain and less colorful than I’d like, but it’s just as hard in the UK to find bras big enough to handle the likes of some of our more well-known big gals, like Kerry Marie and Chaz. Maybe the next time I come to the US I’ll have to give your best a test against some of my home-made ones. Anybody care to volunteer for the judging?”

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