Raxxx To The Max!

Raxxx To The Max!

Raxxx To The Max!

Wonder teen Rachel Raxxx came to SCORELAND via a recommendation. Her first time here was her first time modeling. There are some similarities with another teen-tit cutie, Christy Marks, although Christy waited three months before doing hardcore while Rachel began from the start. Since then, Rachel has created a sensation in big-bust fandom, pitching tents and making everyone who sees her photos and videos completely boob drunk.

SCORELAND: How do you use your breasts to please a man?

Rachel: Sometimes I can put them in their faces. A lot of times I don’t have to do anything. They just go for them. Grab on them or suck on them. I can wrap them around their penis and jack them off with them. You can do a lot with big boobs. Boobs are fun. I like having them.

SCORELAND: You mentioned wrapping your boobs around the guy’s cock. You said “penis,” a very nice word to use. Guys’ cocks completely disappear in your cleavage, correct?

Rachel: Yes.

SCORELAND: Have you ever been with a guy whose cock was big enough that it didn’t disappear in your cleavage?

Rachel: No.

SCORELAND: Rachel, I think you might be the bustiest 18-year-old I’ve ever seen.

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