<b>Angelina Castro’s asshole, fucked and uncensored</b>

Angelina Castro’s asshole, fucked and uncensored

Angelina Castro's asshole, fucked and uncensored

In another of her scenes, Angelina Castro is asked, “Do all Cubans have big asses?”

Replies Ms. Castro, “Some of them, but guess what? I’m the only Castro you can fuck. All Cubans have big asses but this package comes with big-ass boobs!”

That’s all well and good. It is absolutely a fact that Angelina’s tits got her into SCORELAND. But it’s absolutely mindboggling that before this scene, Angelina had never gotten ass-fucked on-camera. Especially considering how horny and hot for cock she always is. As Elliot once said, “Angelina Castro makes Sofia Vergara look like a nun.”

To the best of my knowledge, Sofia Vergara, star of TV’s Modern Family, has never fucked on-camera.

So here’s Angelina, star of Latin TV and radio, a true Miami celebrity, a woman who fucks her own fans, taking a big dick up that tight ass for the first time. I could say more, but, really, what else is there?

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