<b>Reina’s favorite night cream</b>

Reina’s favorite night cream

Reina's favorite night cream

Some girls are in and out of our world in a flash. Making a few porn videos is a fling for them, a one-time thing. They get fucked while the cameras roll, they’re hot and know what they’re doing, they get off and then they go back to their regular lives.

That was the case for Reina Lee for two days in 2012. A busty blend of Filipino and Brazilian from Florida and just 20 years young, she came, she shot two scenes, she came twice and she went home. And that was it. Game over. She didn’t head to the porn factories of California and do 100 scenes in one year.

“Do you like these titties, baby?” Reina asks her fuck-fling Champ.

No one’s going to say no, especially Champ. After thoroughly meat-axing the pretty brunette, Champ gives Reina’s face a big load of night cream.

“Yummy,” Reina says.

Reina said she usually dresses to show off her tits but in a low-key way.

“I love sex four times a day,” she said. “I look very conservative and dress very professionally in public so people don’t have any idea how wild I can get.”

I’d rather see a girl like Reina dressed in ridiculously skimpy and tight tops and bottoms and big fuck shoes. People who say they want to see busty girls dressed like professionals are not invited into my world. But I got her point. She wanted to keep her job life and her personal sex life totally separate. I’m sure she makes her own sex videos at home.

This SCORE video, “Reina’s Favorite Night Cream,” shows the fuck toy side of Reina. She switched it on when it was lights and camera time, and that’s why she wanted to go from coed to porn star, or at least try it once. Reina may have cum and gone, but we’ll always have these precious memories of her on video.

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