Foxy Fishnets

Foxy Fishnets

Foxy Fishnets

Dolly Fox has a love for big boobs that rivals and often surpasses the obsession that the most-breast-fixated guys have. And that’s saying a mouthful. Dolly’s favorite word for breasts is boobs (the least favorite is jugs). Check out Dolly’s very flexible poses from photo 31 to 36, shot from a high angle. They have it all: face, boobs, pussy, ass and legs.

SCORELAND: Dolly, does having large breasts make your sex life more interesting?

Dolly: Yes, because guys are really excited to be with a woman with large breasts, but also it’s exciting because women want to touch and play with them, and I’ve had quite a lot of offers to have sex with girls, and a lot of times I’ve done it. I want to finally meet some of the big-boobed American girls I have so much admiration for and I think Hitomi is very sexy. This is my special goal.

SCORELAND: Where is the one special spot to touch that makes you very horny?

Dolly: I think I have a few of these, but it’s more how and who that’s important. The right person could even do it without touching!

SCORELAND: What’s the most impulsive thing you’ve ever done?

Dolly: A threesome with a second girl.

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