<i>38DDD Coed</i>

38DDD Coed

38DDD Coed

When Alana Lace did this scene in 2014, I wrote, “Listening to the audio of this scene is imperative. You must raise the volume. Alana has a very juicy coochie and when she’s moving her fingers in and out of her coochie, the squish-squish, smish-smish sounds of a wet snatch come through loud and clear. She makes some beautiful music with that soaked girl-box.”

I’m glad the video editor who prepared this only added a few seconds of music in the beginning because cheesy tunes would have drowned out Alana’s pussy music and probably her jack-off encouragement, too. She has a nice, girly voice. I never get tired of watching her videos. It’s hard to explain, but they always seem fresh to me.

If Alana, just 21 years old at the time, actually walked through a campus dressed like this, she’d be a wank bank memory for every straight guy who saw her. Her tits are just incredible.

Alana’s boobs began growing at 15 but only later did her tits undergo a massive spurt. Forty-three inches along the bow and wearing 38DDD bras, Alana should have become a major name in the big-tit scene.

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