Sha’s lingerie and fuck hole show

Sha’s lingerie and fuck hole show

Sha's lingerie and fuck hole show

“Every woman likes feeling attractive and knowing that men admire you,” Sha Rizel said. “But sometimes it can be a bit too much. There should be a balance to it. Men shouldn’t just stare all the time. They should sometimes look at my eyes.”

Okay. When I watched this scene for the first time, I did not look at Sha’s eyes. But I also did not spend the entire time staring at her tits. When she got on all fours, for example, I looked deep inside her tight asshole. And when she turned onto her back, I stared at her pretty, shaved pussy.

Why did I do this? Is there really much difference between a pretty girl’s pussy and asshole and an ugly girl’s? No, there isn’t. Not from what I’ve seen. But the fact is, for some reason, you don’t expect a girl as beautiful as Sha to show off her fuck holes. But she does, and that’s special. So, I could’ve looked at Sha’s face, but I didn’t. I didn’t because doing so would have been ungrateful.

This scene was shot in the Dominican Republic. Sha is wearing lingerie that barely covers her big naturals. Her body is spectacular, slim ‘n’ naturally stacked. She has more curves than you’d expect from such a slim girl. Then she goes inside and the fun starts. See where your eyes wander.

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