Just hanging around

Just hanging around

Just hanging around

“I don’t dress to attract attention but I get it anyway,” Micky Bells said. No surprise there. Micky can’t hide those big, natural hangers, and I’m guessing that even when she’s wearing a loose, high-cut blouse, it’s quite a sight when she bends over.

Does Micky have the greatest hangers ever? Maybe. A lot of great naturals have had spectacular hangers. Nicole Peters immediately comes to mind. Cherry Brady. Hitomi and Tiggle Bitties, too. Micky’s hangers are definitely among the best, and they actually became better when she lost weight.

“I feel quite good about all the attention people give me,” Micky said.

She should. There aren’t many girls like her. And while I’m on the subject of greatest ever, here’s something to consider: At her heaviest, Micky was an XL Girl. Then she became a V-Girl. Then she lost weight and became a SCORE Girl. She’s been spectacular in all three magazines, something very few girls can say (Cat Bangles, who went in the opposite direction weight-wise, is one of those girls). Is Micky the greatest all-around boob model ever?

Check out the photos and video before you answer that question.

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