Anna Song

A quiet girl but not shy at all, Anna Song gets her fingers all sticky pleasuring herself on a quiet afternoon. Beautiful, with an exotic look, Anna always earns high praise from SCORE Men. As we’ve said before, Anna looks so innocent and sweet. But when a camera is pointed at her, all bets are off. She becomes a total sex kitten. But don’t take our word for it. Watch this video.

On the stone steps of an old estate in Europe, Anna Song appears, clad in a long, black leather coat over her sexy bra and panties. Her body is killer. She massages her perfect body, rubbing her nipples and squeezing dainty fist-fulls of her succulent breast flesh. Anna pulls aside her panties to finger her clit and thick P-lips, sticking a couple of fingers inside her pink tunnel of love. She brings her hand to her mouth to lick each finger clean, tasting her juice. You probably noticed the toy worn in Anna’s panties like a gun. Now is the time for her to whip it out and vibrate herself to tingle town. She ends by bringing it to her lips and sucking more of her honey. No question, Anna’s a sweetie.

If you were to encounter Anna Song on a Paris boulevard and the weather was nice, what would she be wearing? “Goth clothing or a sexy mini-skirt and a tight, scooped shirt with an open belly,” Anna says. She and Angela White are very good friends. You know what they say about birds of a feather. What kind of men does Anna like? “A man should be a gentleman all the time and treat me well. Some men think that they can be rude to girls and that girls will respect them for that but not me. I don’t like rude guys at all. I wouldn’t care how much money he might have. He has to be sweet and nice.” Just like Anna.

The Russian beauty (who started her modeling career at 18 with SCORE during our roadtrips to eastern Europe) like to swim and horseback ride. Her favorite author is Stephen King (many of his books are translated into Russian-language editions). Anna Loves his movies too. Anna loves going to rock clubs in Paris and listening to the latest bands. She loves music and is a musician herself.

Russian Anna Song is a student in France. She loves music and going to concerts. She’s a musician herself. “I am quite a good musician,” Anna says. “I play electric guitar and I play piano in jazz, blues and rock styles. I hope one day I will have a band so I can travel the world and perform concerts.” She was voted V-Mag Newcomer of the Year for 2006 and in an unofficial contest, the girl most guys would like to do vodka body shots with. Anna was also voted one of the top ten best of the decade (2000-2009) on SCORELAND, coming in at number 7 and beating Sharday, Ines Cudna and Angela White. Getting past those three dreamgirls is quite an accomplishment indeed, let alone 90 other sizzling bra-babes. Watch Anna bathe and get all squeaky clean in this video. Truly, a heavenly sight.

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