Katrin is a new curvy knockout our model team found during a recent search for new hot babes. She’d never seen XL Girls before. The way Katrin dresses in this video is how she dresses normally. This is how she’d look if you spotted her shopping in a mall, so she says. Katrin has a beautiful face and a crazy-generous figure that attracts loads of attention.

Katrin took to nude spreads and masturbation immediately and for a newbie, she took great pleasure in teasing and eye-banging the camera. The cameraman suffered for your entertainment pleasure. Katrin brought along her own toys from home. That’s always a positive thing.

Katrin likes video games, laser tag, surfing the web, going to dance clubs now and then and watching motor sports. Will Katrin take the big leap and try some boy-girl dirty dancing on-camera? We’re working on that event to make it a reality.

Voluptuous Katrin only started adult modeling in 2016, and boy, did she jump in with both feet right away–from spreading pink and masturbation to full-on real-deal sexxx. Katrin is an amateur in the adult big boob scene but is still a busty bombshell powerhouse. She has all the right stuff, from her beautiful blonde looks to her heavy natural tits and well-padded ass. Katrin instinctively eye-bangs the camera, pleasures her partner’s cock with her boobs as often as she can and pushes back with every thrust he makes into her pussy.

This scene is “clothed female naked male” (CFNM) which is usually about female domination but Katrin’s fuck buddy is the one in charge every step of the way as he goes nuts and ravishes her succulent, soft body. Katrin likes playing video games, laser tag, surfing the web and watching motor sports and says she is pretty much the homebody type of girl. She wanted to try this because she has an exhibitionistic streak that she hasn’t lived out and wants to fulfill her fantasy of being watched while she’s fucked. Katrin hasn’t said whether she wants to explore more of her fantasies on-camera.

XL Girls newcomer Katrin checks herself out in a beauty mirror in the opener of this scene. There’s a lot to admire. Her sweet body, plump ass and her beautiful, cherubic face are pure eye-candy. “I like to wear pink clothing,” said Katrin through our translator, “because it is a pleasing feminine color, pretty and healthy-looking. I look good in pink. So I want to wear this color when I make this video and pictures.”

“I practiced looking in the mirrors at home the day before I came to the studio so I would look just right. It was exciting to do this. All I could think about was how sexy I could be for the guys who would be seeing me. When the photographer was shooting, I wanted him to get hard as a test. He was my test subject. If he did, then I knew many guys seeing me would be the same. After I took off my clothes and I was playing with my boobs and pussy, I saw he had a bulge in his pants. Later, we both laughed about it.”

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