She’s a happy bunny

She’s a happy bunny

She's a happy bunny

I don’t get a chance to meet every SCORE, Voluptuous or XL Girl who models at TSG’s offices but I usually hear their high heels hit the tiles as they walk from the entrance to the studio doors near my desk. Most of these girls do not wear sneakers. A good percentage of them wear less clothing entering and leaving the building than when they start a photo shoot. This is Florida after all.

So I never met blonde and bouncy Bunny Brooks in the flesh. She’s a girl with pierced nipples and a mid-western look who was spotted on a cam site and accepted an invitation to model. Two years later, Bunny is still a cam girl.

“I stripped for two years before I found a banner on a website, and I clicked it, and it took me to a web page, and I started watching all these girls,” Bunny said. “I said to myself, ‘This can’t be real,’ so I looked into it a little more and signed up, and before I knew it, I quit stripping and just did cam modeling.”

I don’t know if web-cams have overtaken the strip club industry. I think it would be impossible to track how many girls like Bunny have left live stripping in a club to stay at home and cam. It would be complicated (probably impossible) to track how web-cams affect strip clubs, and I know the guys who go to strip clubs have very different wants and needs than web-cam regulars. I used to go to strip clubs all the time but now it’s difficult to find clubs with very busty girls so I cooled it.

Said Bunny to the photographer, “You get all sorts of fetishes on the Internet, and that’s fun. Feet. Jerk-off instructions. You get some stuff that’s out there, which I don’t really do. And people love my big, bouncing boobs.”

About modeling at SCORE, Bunny said, “It’s just something new and exciting for me. I’m dipping my fingers in a few different things and seeing what I like.”

“Dipping my fingers in…” is exactly what Bunny does here.

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