Bunk Babe

Bunk Babe

Bunk Babe

Ava, aren’t you too old to have a bunkbed?

“Yes! I would love a new bed, but my parents don’t want to spend the money on it. I guess on the bright side it’s kind of cool that I can sleep on the top bunk. The main thing that sucks is that it makes so much noise when I have sex on it!”

How much sex could you possibly have had on your bunkbed?

“A lot! I had a boyfriend for a while, and I used to sneak him into my room all the time. There were a couple of other guys too, but he was the one I fucked the most in this bed. He would creep in through my window in the middle of the night so we could fool around, but the bed always creaked so much that we couldn’t go as hard or as fast as we wanted to. My parents almost caught us once. They heard the bed creaking and came in my room super-suspicious in the middle of the night. He hid under the covers, and it was a miracle they didn’t see him! One thing we learned is that fucking on the bottom bunk makes less noise than the top.”

Did your parents ever notice your dirty cum sheets?

“No. If I dirtied my sheets I would wash them myself. They had no idea; they were just happy that I was doing the chore myself. If only they knew.”

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