Eden Mor
Eden’s return led to some props as well as some regrets by boob-men who prefer the original V-mag version of Eden beginning in 2004 when TSG was the first studio to photograph her. But her slim-down is mostly in her mid-section once you study her photos. Fast forwarding six years later, the Israeli brunette has trimmed way down, recently teaming with Valory, Sophie Mae, Lana Ivans, Michelle Bond and Arianna Sinn for the flick Big-Boob Finishing School. But those compact disc-sized areolae haven’t changed a bit and she hasn’t lost her tan-lines either. Eden says when she dresses to go out to a club at home in Israel, she doesn’t overdo the cleavage exposure. She’d rather be low-key. But that doesn’t always work and she always manages to attract a lot of guys eager to bag her attention. “Guys always like to ask me questions about my breasts. Things like ‘If I like them and if I play with them?’ They have been asking me since I was in school. I used to feel pain in my back from the weight of them but when I began to work out at the gym they felt better.” When Eden’s latest video appeared on SCORELAND, Jeff wrote, “Eden, I’m one of your biggest fans. You have always been incredible and the slimmer version is absolutely smokin’ hot. Gorgeous face, incredible figure, and great personality. You have the best boobs on the planet (especially your nipples) plus I love your shaved pussy and incredible legs and ass. It’s heart attack time!” Correction, Jeff. It’s HARD attack time!

Waiting in the villa’s garden to leave for the airport and return home to Israel after a hectic week in Portugal for Big Boob Finishing School, woman of mystery Eden Mor talks about a few of her favorite things while she has a coffee and a cigarette in this behind-the-scenes video. And Eden takes out her sexy, big boobs for one final goodbye.

On the eve of their graduation at Big Boob Finishing School, Sophie Mae expresses self-doubts when Arianna Sinn comes by to see her. Sophie reads an excerpt from Michelle Bond’s manual, “The Ultimate Guide To Pleasing Men” about how to properly please a cock. Arianna offers to help. Together they will use a banana as a learning tool. Arianna licks and places the banana between her big boobs and has Sophie do the same. This erotic play and cock instruction turns them on and they take turns kissing and licking each others’ large, beautifully shaped naturals. Their make-out session ends and all of the girls meet with Michelle for a final quiz. Michelle has the pleasure of announcing that their graduation will follow after this meeting. The girls assemble in their pasteboard graduation caps and meet on the estate for their final moments as a unique group. They will always remember their special week together at Big Boob Finishing School in Portugal. Now they are ready to be man-pleasers in their respective hometowns–from Romania to Israel.

Michelle Bond, chesty creator of the Big Boob Finishing School and author of “The Ultimate Guide To Pleasing Men” is an expert at training impressionable and stacked young women to treat men like kings. She believes that pleasing men takes education and training. Lap-dance instruction is included in her manual.

Today, buxom Eden is going to receive hands-on instruction in the art of lap-dancing. Michelle will be the teacher and Eden will play the student. Michelle believes that Eden can absorb Michelle’s lesson and learn to dance just as erotically as she can.

Michelle begins and removes her dancewear until she is fully naked. Her big boobs dangle and sway in Eden’s face. Eden’s turn is next and she copies Michelle, adding her own personal spin to her moves. Michelle approves. Eden has turned her on and that’s the idea.

This is true hands-on dancing instruction. Eden has done well.

Michelle compliments Eden on her performance and both hotties kiss on the lips to end the lesson.

The Portuguese villa used in making Big Boob Finishing School was a hotbed of big boobs and sexy, pretty girls. Our roving videographer was all over the grounds that week. Whatever Valory Irene and her delightful Finishing School classmates were doing was always something that had to be photographed. They could be reading a telephone book out loud and that would be enjoyable. Was Sophie Mae really twerking? Frisky girls like this capture the attention even when they just walk down a flight of stairs. The camera followed Arianna Sinn and Lana Ivans into the bathroom when they went to have a mutual shower. So what do they do? They turn their shower into a show. Girls just want to have fun and laugh. This is the universal truth. Bless their hearts!

In this Chapter of Big Boob Finishing School, headmistress Michelle Bond assembles her curvy, international students in the kitchen for a new lesson. Michelle teaches her classes that when a man comes home from work, his woman should be wearing a sexy outfit and be prepared to have his dinner ready. Eden demonstrates Miss Bond’s lesson plan.

Michelle quizzes Sophie about answering the door when her man comes home. What should she do? Sophie tells her the answer Michelle doesn’t want to hear. That exasperates Michelle and she sends Sophie off to her room to re-read her tutorial, “The Ultimate Guide To Pleasing Men.” Sophie leaves the kitchen with a glum expression.

Now Michelle wants a game of role-playing. What should a man expect when he gets home? A nice massage to soothe his tired body and mind. Valory volunteers to play the role of the guy. She climbs on the table. The girls help undress Valory and they gel her gorgeous body. This massage will be epic.

When Big Boob Finishing School was being filmed as well as when the day was over, a roving photographer was all over the villa and the estate. He records the scenes being shot and he records daily life at the Portuguese villa, chatting with Michelle, Valory, Lana, Sophie and Eden on the grounds and around the house and being clued into their daily activities.

The girls are a frisky, flirty bunch and they like to have fun. Nothing shows this more than a few minutes in a bedroom with Valory, Arianna, Eden, Lana and Michelle together. Their personalities are as pleasing and as enjoyable as their faces and bodies. It’s a candid and natural video diary of the week at Big Boob Finishing School.

In this episode of the SCORE feature movie, Big Boob Finishing School, Valory and Sophie Mae are in bed together studying headmistress Michelle Bond’s tutorial, “The Ultimate Guide To Pleasing Men.” The girls giggle as they read Miss Bond’s sexy lessons. Mischief-maker Eden Mor joins them and starts a pillow and tit fight which promptly ends the study session. The prim Miss Bond would not be pleased. Later on, Lana and Valory go to the villa’s ancient garden to study the tutorial’s chapter, “How To Be A Porn Star In The Bedroom.” This sets off another round of embarrassed giggling. They read to each other out loud. Valory thinks they should practice with dildos and Lana likes this idea. They begin with practicing blow jobs by sucking huge, cock-shaped toys. Tit-fucking is next and then pussy-toying. Lana and Valory do this side-by-side in the sunny garden. “I think we are ready to be porn stars in the bedroom,” says Valory after they cum, proving that if hot girls of different nationalities can orgasmically explode together, nations can get along.

When Arianna Sinn, Sophie Mae, Valory Irene, Lana Ivans and Eden Mor receive a special invitation in the mail from headmistress of the Big Boob Finishing School, Michelle Bond, they are intrigued.
Inside the envelope is a card. “Can’t keep a man? You are cordially invited to Michelle Bond’s Big Boob Finishing School. Learn how to become the perfect man pleaser.”

They travel to Michelle’s imposing villa in Portugal to learn her secrets. Once there, the training begins and each girl is given a copy of Michelle’s tutorial, “The Ultimate Guide to Pleasing Men.”

In this episode, Michelle introduces her course and begins by instructing her students in the fine art of sexy dressing.

A sensational cast of international knock-outs star in this SCORE feature film shot on-location.

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