Anna Beck – Beck Is Back To Bone

Beck Is Back To Bone

Beck Is Back To Bone

Many call her the queen of the Euro-plumpers. Always looking to improve her English, Anna Beck, she of the super-natural mountains of XL Girls, spends the afternoon with Dellon. They go over the Czech pronunciation of English words while Dellon understandably finds it difficult to concentrate with sexy Anna’s massive cleavage trying to control his brainwaves and succeeding.

What do the English words “long,” “giant,” and “juicy” mean to Anna? You betcha. Their flirting word games and hand gestures lead to bigger and better things when Dellon reaches out for ample Anna’s heavy and thick jugs of jubilation. She accepts his horny handout and turns around with her ass pressed against him so he can encircle her boobage and help her drop her bra. And when Anna Beck’s titanic ta-tas are released from her hooter holster, step a foot back! More than a handful, Anna is a juicy, ripe melon waiting to be savored and squeezed.

The English lesson can wait while they bone on the couch and forego word pronunciation. Dellon gives Anna’s boobage lots of attention, the attention they so rightfully deserve with hands- and face-time in her cleavage. He drives his skin bus through her steep mammary mountains and takes the detour south to her tunnel of pink love. Anna needs to teach him some Czech words for tits and ass…after he delivers his pocket rocket fuel.

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