Gya – Crazy-Generous Boobs

Crazy-Generous Boobs

Crazy-Generous Boobs

“It is very hard for me to find bikini tops that fit me,” says Gya, killing her swimsuit and bursting with juicy energy. “They don’t last long on me. When I go to the beach, the guys watch me all the time. One man said to me, I was hoping your top would fall off when a wave hit you!’ I seem to attract followers wherever I go. But that is good because I love attention, especially from all men.”

Gya likes to play dress-up. She’s got the superwoman body for it. We can’t even imagine Gya and Tiggle Bitties in the same room together. The roof would blow off.

I really like all kinds of costumes and fantasies. I like being the naughty school girl. That is one of my favorites. I also like being the mean mistress, too. I actually love to dominate men. I like to make them feel bad and deny them pleasure until they beg. I like to be begged to give them something, either sex or just a touch, whatever it is. I like to dominate men and be in control.”

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