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The Wicky Workout

The Wicky Workout

Angel Wicky has a very beautiful face. I once asked her what people think when she tells them she’s a porno star.

“If you mean how I look like a sweet, young girl, an innocent angel, yes, people comment about that a lot” she told me in her sexy Czech-accented English. “They don’t believe I do hard porn because I can be a sweet, innocent angel in one photo and a devil whore in another. I think it’s nice to be different at different times. I like it when I shoot something in these opposite styles. I love to role-play with costumes and makeup. I feel like a devil in the body of an angel.”

Aside from her navel piercing, Angel has a natural-as-nature body. She has no tattoos I know of. That’s very unusual these days when so many adult models are festooned with tats and piercings, some covered. She told me she prides herself on her healthy lifestyle.

“I like running, swimming and some training at fitness centers. Plus I get a lot of exercise and cardio during shooting and posing when I am making photos and movies. Also, healthy eating is very important. I love lots of fruits, vegetables, home-made fresh juice, nuts and seeds, fish and quality proteins. And, because I’m a woman, quality chocolate for sure and, most importantly, mix it all up with lots of sex.”

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