Lola Lee – Lola Lee makes it steamy

Lola Lee makes it steamy

Lola Lee makes it steamy

Sixty-two-year-old horny swinger Lola Lee sensually rubs up her creamy tits and thighs, bouncing her tits from a couch to the shower, where she gets extra steamy and lewd. She lubes up her naked body with a sponge and takes the shower head and runs hot water up into her soaking wet pussy.

Jewel, who shared a guy with Lola in the DVD Sixty & Swingin’, once told us, “Lola likes to make believe she’s this demure, proper lady from Texas, but I’m here to tell you that’s not always true. She always says I’m hornier than her, but I don’t think that’s true, either. Whenever we talk on the phone, she’s always telling me about who she had sex with. Whenever we’re with a guy together, she always goes after his cock first.”

Seeing Lola Lee, you’d never guess that. But now, we know her better than that.

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