Julia Miles did, to use a German expression, the horizontal hoochie-coochie with the cock in two SCORE videos made in London. This was the second and far superior fuck scene from the DVD Ultimate Julia Miles. Rumor has it that Julia developed a crush on the English stud’s equipment and reluctantly went back home to Germany after filming this. The plot is ripped from the headlines of any time during the last 100 years, like the recent corporate cutie in New York who made news by suing a bank for alleged harrassment. But Julia makes it special and rare. To sum it up: Big-busted girl works at office. Supervisor asks her to change from baggy top to sexy top, and gets away with it. Girl gets job reviewed on the floor and desk. What a great place to work. The benefits are terrific. Julia was sensational as the compliant secretary. This big-boned, big-chested German blonde getting schtupped and creamed and giving her all. Now looking back, it gets us really wishing that we had made a dozen more XXX scenes with this amazing mamazon.

The pairing of German tit goddesses Chloe Vevrier and Julia Miles was a major event with readers. The team-up of Chloe and Julia was originally published in July 2001 SCORE Magazine to coincide with the release of the video, Julia Miles: A Date With Seduction. “Seduction” was one of the two superstars of SCORE at that time, Chloe; the other superstar being England’s Linsey Dawn McKenzie.

Over the summer of 2001, the video became a top seller. Chloe and Julia speak German to each other for a few seconds before they switch to English and moaning while eating and fingering each other.

Julia’s time modeling was very short, just a few years. However Chloe has enjoyed one of the longest modeling careers in big-bust history, beginning at SCORE in 1992.

When Julia turned 18 years old, she contacted SCORE magazine. In a short time, she became an internationally popular model.

“I am only known outside Germany because of SCORE magazine and SCORELAND,” Julia said a couple of years after her debut in 2000. “In Germany, I am a guest on television shows and I am a spokesmodel at many conventions. But because of the people at SCORE, I am recognized anywhere I go.

“If I try to hide my breasts, it looks like I’m wearing a tent, and if I wear something that fits them, which is usually form-fitting, all eyes are on me,” Julia said. “Or them, I guess. Sometimes big-breasted women aren’t trying to show off when they’re wearing revealing clothing. It’s just the way things fit.”

Before she was banged dizzy by a long-cocked British pro-stud in Ultimate Julia Miles, Julia made this XXX video with an amateur. SCORE Model of the Year 2003 winner Julia Miles masturbates in her flat, not knowing a derelict has followed the superstacked German amazon home to watch her through the window. He enters the room to poke Julia’s dynamite Deutsch dugs, tight twat and even tighter asshole. Just in time for Oktoberbreast!

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