Nila Mason – Sex Night

Sex Night

Sex Night

It’s happened again. An XL Girl wants to go out for the night. The guy dresses before she’s ready to leave and while she’s pampering and primping and putting on some hot outfit for him, he falls asleep in his clothes. When she’s ready and wakes him up to leave, the sight of her dolled up creates a giant boner and he puts the moves on her. They end the night in bed fucking and the date goes up in smoke. This is why the girl should dress before the guy. The odds are good that he’s going to get laid when they get home but at least she gets her dinner and dancing instead of a Chinese food delivery after the sexin’.

This time, it’s happened to Nila Mason, a recent arrival to XL Girls with a spectacular body and gorgeous face. When Tom sees her plump hotness, all thoughts turn to getting his cock buried inside her tight pussy and blowing his load all over her big tits as she stares at him. We can’t blame the guy. We’d all be the same way.

“My opinion has changed about sex,” said Nila after doing her first scene. She was a stranded motorist who needed roadside assistance and she got it from Denis…in his apartment. “I really enjoyed it. I want to watch my videos with someone and see the look on his face.”

Be sure to let us know, Nila!

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