Suzumi Wilder – Sweater Bustin’ Coed

Sweater Bustin’ Coed

Sweater Bustin' Coed

She’s a coed whose student body shouts, “Gimme a T, gimme an A, what’s that spell? T&A!” Suzumi Wilder walks into a classroom dressed like a typical college girl or “breastaurant” waitress. She’s looking for her instructor. He’s not there, unfortunately for him. Suzumi proceeds to get naked and spank her tits and pussy right there on his desk. Too bad he missed her.

Does Suzumi get any girls hitting on her in class or after class?

“I have never had sex with another girl but I have been close,” Suzumi revealed. “We were kissing and taking each other’s clothes off. She gently sucked and bit my nipples and I did the same to her.”

And then? That was it?

Well, Suzumi is into guys and getting her ass licked and fucked. Cock is her main event, not thick, juicy girls like herself.

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