Scarlett Rouge – Scarlett’s Job Interview

Scarlett’s Job Interview

Scarlett's Job Interview

A job interview? This suit has the balls to ask Scarlett Rouge to sit down for a job interview? Scarlett doesn’t do interviews. He’s lucky she doesn’t take his file and shove it up his corporate ass. Scarlett is here to lay on his desk and get fucked good and hard by a guy who knows how to lay the wood. Big, heavy tits taste great in a man’s mouth and Scarlett has yummy nipples made for deep sucking and licking, and a pink hole made for drilling with the flesh hammer.

This is how a supervisor gets into big trouble with Human Resources but screw it. You only get a crack at a delicacy like Scarlett once in a blue moon. “The trick to a good blow job? I think you need to make sure that it is nice and lubed up and that you don’t get teeth in there,” said Scarlett. “Teeth and blow jobs do not mix! And just deep throat as much as you can, but don’t throw up. You have to relax the throat and then it will go down easier.”

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