Charlotte Angel – The Bod In The Mirror

The Bod In The Mirror

The Bod In The Mirror

Like we mentioned last time, Charlotte Angel’s face and voice reminded us of the hot wife in a popular TV sit-com. And that’s a good thing. Charlotte has a very sexy personality and with tits and ass like she has, she’s double-dynamite.

XL Girls: Are you a swinger?

Charlotte: I’m not really a swinger. I went to a swingers’ club once and it was an interesting and fun experience, to say the least. We met a couple who were much older than us but they were gorgeous. The wife made it a point to tell me that 32 years of marriage gets you a beautiful rack! She grabbed my hands and put them on her boobs and was like, “Aren’t they nice?” They were. It was just a funny moment.

XL Girls: Do you masturbate?

Charlotte: I don’t usually but I have a friend who makes custom toys and I’ve started using a few of those. My favorite so far is the simple dark wood one. He’s given me a much larger, ribbed one that feels good for sure but that one is going to take some getting used to.

XL Girls: What about fetishes? Do you have a kinky side?

Charlotte: No, I was never big on any fetishes.

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