Anna Beck – Bustier Than Ever!

Bustier Than Ever!

Bustier Than Ever!

Anna Beck returns to XL Girls after an eight month hiatus and it’s incredible what less than a year can bring. We hadn’t heard from Anna in some time although we had put the call out. Anna looks bustier and bigger than ever, especially compared to her previous photo shoots. At that time, Anna said she was doing a fitness program called Fitbox and the photos clearly showed that she had dropped poundage. Now check her out, Anna fan.

It’s not all about the breasts and the bod with Anna. She has a very magnetic personality and that comes through on-camera. There are qualities to her that are very hospitable and welcoming. “I like to talk to people and meet new people,” Anna said. “I am not looking for anything from them. I enjoy being out with people, sightseeing and visiting tourist places and historic sites. I am a social woman.”

Anna’s brought one of her big “friends,” as she calls it, and after she shows you her pleasing plumpness, she gives herself a workout that’s not a Fitbox routine.

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