Lake Russell – Lake Russell, showoff

Lake Russell, showoff

Lake Russell, showoff

Lake Russell, 42, admits to being an exhibitionist.

“That’s not just something that I do in public, either,” she said. “When we’re alone, I love to put on sex shows for my lover, just like this. I make the guy strip naked and tell him that he can’t touch me or his cock till I’m done. Then I strip slowly and masturbate in front of him. I never have to fake an orgasm. My toy always gets me off, and having the guy watching me only makes for a more intense climax. The harder I see his cock getting, the dirtier I’ll get with my masturbating. Okay, sometimes I get so horny, and that big, hard cock so close to me gets too much for me to resist, so I’ll pull the toy out of my juicy pussy and beg my lover to fuck me. The toy gets more use then…in my ass!”

Lake is one of the naughtiest, nastiest 40something babes we’ve ever seen.

“Thank you,” she said. “I try my best.”

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