Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Her Blue Chick Stick

Her Blue Chick Stick

Her Blue Chick Stick

Letters to Linsey:

“Just signed up to your website and just thought I would say how fantastic you look..I love big tits and it is fair to say you have the most perfect natural tits I have ever seen. Like yourself, I am from Croydon and have seen you in Pals a couple of times but have never had the confidence to say hello. I guess sometimes it is best to leave my fantasies in my head. Lost count of the amount of times I have wanked over your pictures and videos, thinking that I was alone with you, sucking those gorgeous tits..Sorry getting carried away.Thinking of buying your hardcore video. Bought one of your vids before but it was quite soft and looked simulated. Want to see you sucking a man’s cock for real. Love, one of your biggest admirers.”

“Oh my God, you are so hot. Have you thought about doing photo shoots with men? To see you tease them by not letting them fuck you, but getting them to cream all over your tits on the last photo whould be mind (and cock) blowing.-G.”

“Site really is way ahead of others. Especially love to see your nipples peeking out of dresses or bras, superb. I used to be a pro photog and came down to London when Titanic Toni was there with Pat Wynn’s girls in 1988-89. Cheers, B.”

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