Stacy Kiss – Fine Fanny

Fine Fanny

Fine Fanny

Stacy, you mentioned that you have a nice pussy…
“I think I do, and I’ve heard from several guys that my pussy is nice. Some girls are so insecure about their pussy that they won’t even let a guy go down on them, but I don’t have that problem at all. In fact, I’m disappointed if a guy doesn’t go down on me. Does it make me seem cocky to be confident in my cunny?”

We like that you are confident in your cunny. That means you like showing it off, and no one will complain about that!
“I just don’t want to sound like I’m bragging! But when a few guys and girls tell you that your pussy tastes and smells good, you tend to believe them. I think mine looks pretty too. I’m bisexual so I’ve gone down on my fair share of nice pussies, and it’s such a turn on to munch on a juicy peach like that. I’d love to have a pussy-eating slumber party where a few other girls and I just lay around in a daisy chain sucking on each other’s pussies.”

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