Camille – Out By The Lake

Out By The Lake

Out By The Lake

“I’m a post-graduate student,” Camille told us. “And I plan on doing some teaching in the future. It will be college-level coursework, so I’m not too concerned about future students seeing these pictures. I don’t know if I could deal with the thought of everybody in a lecture hall setting thinking about me naked! That would be a nightmare.”

“I’ll never lose my bush, even if a lover asks me to. I figure that if a guy wants me to shave my pussy, I’ll ask him to shave his cock and balls. That’s the only fair way to address the situation. Why should the woman be the only one to shave? Being natural feels and looks so much better. I’m a grown woman. Just look at my tits! These are not the tits of a girl with a hairless pussy.”

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