Autumn-Jade – Autumn In Her Pink Nighty

Autumn In Her Pink Nighty

Autumn In Her Pink Nighty

Peek-a-boo nighties and see-through panties don’t keep Autumn warm at night but this stuff sure heats up a man’s blood. Autumn’s phenomenal boobs once again yearn to break free of this restrictive material. That’s what they told us–her boobs told our photographers this. But first Autumn has fun playing the lingerie in different ways. “I usually wear plain old PJs when I go to bed or sweats if it’s winter time. I do wear undies like this during special times with that special someone. I don’t get much sleep when I do!”

“I sure hope everyone’s enjoying the video clips of Ultimate Autumn,” says Autumn. “Does anyone have any special ideas for new photo shoots in the SCORE studio. Don’t forget I mean indoor shoots. Send them to the editor.”

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