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Joy Sticker

She calls herself a “big booty bitch.” She enjoys “doughnuts, shaking my butt and traveling the world.” She’s a cam girl who was encouraged to contact SCORE by the guys who chat with her online. She always sports a different hair color every time we see her. She’s Lily Madison, the first westerner to have her taco tongue-tickled by the fantasy girl from Japan, Hitomi.

“A lot of American guys say to me, ‘So many English girls have massive boobs. Is there something in the water? What are they feeding you because you all have such big, natural breasts. There are a lot of girls with big, natural breasts in England. I don’t think my boobs are growing anymore. Some of my bras are getting tight, but most of them fit.”

Lily is fascinated by Japan. “I love Japanese fashion, culture and food, but I haven’t had a chance to go there yet.” She did go around the world with Hitomi in Prague, if that counts at all.

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