Girl In Black Stockings

Girl In Black Stockings

Girl In Black Stockings

What do you like in bed?

LINSEY: I like giving.

So giving satisfaction is what gives you satisfaction?

LINSEY: Yes, absolutely.

So you don’t have a preferred position or anything?

LINSEY: Yeah, I do. I like the old fashion, ordinary positions.

Would you say you’re usually the aggressor, you’re usually the one dragging the man into bed?

LINSEY: Yeah. In my very first relationship, the guy I was with didn’t want to have sex. I had to beg him for sex. Then the second one, he was so interested in my boobs that the sex was crap.

What’s the difference between doing boy/girl and girl/girl?

LINSEY: It’s nice doing girl/girl because you’re with a girl, you’ve both got pussies and she’s got to do the same things as you. But with a guy in a boy/girl set it’s different because you’re both different sexes and you have to do different things.

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