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Scoring With Dawn

Scoring With Dawn

If you were a big-boob magazine reader or video viewer going back to at least 1996, then you know Dawn Phoenix. People still write about her on Internet forums and groups to this day. Because Dawn’s 18th birthday was in July of 1978, she beat Linsey Dawn McKenzie into Voluptuous magazine by just one month (November, 1996 V-mag). They never posed together, unfortunately.

Dawn’s modeling career was way too short considering her many assets. She was built like a fucking brick shithouse and if you like big pussy lips, giant areolae and bonus-sized clits (as well you should), few can rival Dawn in that department. For some reason, she never became the superstar she should have become. Maybe it was being overshadowed by Linsey in the big-bust world at that time.

Dawn started doing XXX way before Linsey did, here with American porn star Michael J. Cox. He picked her up after spotting her–the old photographer routine–and had a great time fucking Dawn’s heavy jugs before giving her the plunger.

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