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Shopgirl Paula

Shopgirl Paula

Paula works as a shopgirl, but she doesn’t have to. “My family is pretty wealthy,” she explained.
“I was adopted at a young age, and I’ve lived in Dallas since then. My parents sent me back to Eastern Europe, where I was born, for a visit. That was incredible. I basically partied the entire time with a bunch of people I met in my youth hotel. That’s actually where I lost my virginity. It was such a great trip!”

“I got back from my ‘sojourn’ (as my parents called it) a few months ago. Since then, I’ve been experimenting a lot more. I had given blowjobs to a couple of guys, and they had eaten my pussy, but I had never gone all the way. What a shock that was! I never knew what I was missing. Actually, having a cock inside of me is indescribably better than fingering. It’s incredible. I’m not totally sold on anal yet, though. I let a guy do it once because he was practically begging. It hurt a lot! I’ll try it again sometime. I just won’t rush into it.”

“My favorite part of sex is when the guy cums. I’ve been on birth control for a couple of years because the hormones are good for my skin. Creampies are the best!”

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