Jessi Rogers
Jessi, you have quite the ass for such a petite, little girl.
“I know. I think it looks even bigger than it really is because the rest of me is so small. But honestly, I love having a big, juicy ass. When I’m walking down the street I can almost feel the heads turning to check out my butt.”

With an ass like that, do you enjoy anal or anal play at all?
“I’m a little scared to try anal. A finger is the most I’ve had in there, and I’m not in a rush to change that! It does feel good when a guy licks it though. But I’ll save the anal for later. Usually guys just want to see my ass bouncing on their cocks, anyway. I know that I can make a guy cum really fast if we do it doggie-style. I swear, it never fails. I think it’s because they like the way I shake my ass. And while they’re thrusting into me, I thrust back and tell them to slap my ass. Then they grab on my ass like handles and blow their loads!”

Do you wear thong bikinis to the beach?
“Of course I do! I’m Brazilian. We are the inventors of skimpy bikinis!”

“I love getting oil massages. The way it feels so smooth and slippery on my skin turns me on. It reminds me of when I rub cum into my skin. My favorite is when a guy puts oil on my ass and massages my buttcheeks. I get a tingle in my pussy and it makes me want to fuck.” See what Jessi just described become a reality in today’s video. One lucky guy gets to rub her down, finger and eat her pretty pussy, then fuck her and make her purr. He picks her up and drills her in the air while Jessi screams all kinds of obscenities. Then they bring it over to the cabana for more sweaty fucking while she plays with her clit and unleashes her big ass while in cowgirl. Jessi gets a big load all over her face and rubs it in, just like she said she loves to do!

“My boyfriend is so considerate. I was feeling sick so he came over with chicken soup to make me feel better! He also wanted to take my temperature to make sure I wasn’t too hot. Only, he wanted to take my temperature in my butt! I felt a little embarrassed, but I let him. And it actually felt really good! Then he started licking my butthole and eating my pussy and suddenly I didn’t feel so sick anymore. I felt really horny! We had sex and I was totally cured after that.”

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