Mischel Lee – Wet & Wooly

Wet & Wooly

Wet & Wooly

No one would suspect that Mischel Lee wears a pussy fur coat if they were to see her for the first time, but they would easily see that she has really big tits. Mischel up-sized after 2014’s SCORELAND shoots and contacted the studio when she was ready to stick her chest out again. She’s more popular for her support of bush than she is for her projectile boobs.

Guys are always trying to chat her up. “One man said to me that he wanted to be a table for my breasts,” said Mischel as she waited for the lights to be set up. “I thought that was funny. Most of the time I get nice compliments or funny ones. It’s normal. Now that my boobs are bigger, more guys ask for my phone number or my email. No one has recognized me yet. I think that will change.”

Mischel’s sexual fantasy is to have a threesome with a black guy and an Asian girl. Fucking in the missionary, spoon and cowgirl positions are her favorite ways to orgasm. She’s had sex in an airplane, a train, a park and the Metro. Here’s a girl who likes to cum while she’s going somewhere!

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