Mariana – A shower with Mariana

A shower with Mariana

A shower with Mariana

Mariana was a very slim yet busty art student living near Haifa, Israel when SCORE filmed her. She was born in the Ukraine.

“My breasts started growing when I was 12 years old,” said soft-spoken Mariana, who speaks English. “They didn’t stop growing.”

We wanted to have Mariana join the On Location Key Largo shoot with Chloe, Kerry Marie, Chaz and Lorna Morgan. Then a visa problem kept Mariana from entering the United States. We never did understand the bureaucratic issue. So Mariana went to our London studio for the photo shoots and videos. The videos were compiled for a VHS tape entitled A Day With Mariana, now out of production.

Mariana learned quite a bit about naked modeling during her shoots in England, most importantly, how to play tennis topless. Of course, we filmed that. There was also naked swimming, self-satisfaction in bed and this shower scene.

“Mariana is awesome and brought me to orgasm many times,” G.P. from Beavercreek, Ohio wrote in “Scorecard,” the readers’ letters forum.

A couple of years later, I dropped Mariana a note, and she emailed back:

“I’ve been traveling the past two years. I’ve been to Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and other countries in Europe. I feel that I have experienced what the German people call ‘wanderjahr’ or wanderlust. I used to think of traveling as a burden to get from one place to another. When I left Ukrayina, I felt this way. Now it is the act of traveling that stimulates me. It was modeling that first gave to me the funds to travel, so I am grateful for that.”

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