Wendy Whoppers – The Big ’90s Superstar

The Big ’90s Superstar

The Big '90s Superstar

In the early days of SCORE (beginning in 1992), the big bust modeling and dancing world was dominated by the mega-boobed girls. There were dozens of ’em with super-huge tits and Wendy Whoppers was one of the most well-known of the group. Back then, clubs around the USA and Canada were booking them as features for the week and the club circuit was hectic. The girls were packing these clubs out every night.

SCORE was filming them constantly and the roster included Lisa Lipps, Busty Dusty, Lisa Chest, Jessica Juggs, Niki Knockers, Minka, Angelique and many more.

Physically, Whoppers is a tiny girl with a fragile look that belied her inner toughness. At 5’1″ and a mere 98 pounds, her measurements of 80HHH-21-34 (at the height of her dancing and porn career) were astounding. The audience would go nuts when she exposed her massive breasts on stage. Although she made more money dancing than from her porn video fees, the public exposure from the adult movies helped to increase her popularity and name recognition. Appearing in every big boob magazine in the world fueled the fires.

At porno industry expos, Wendy caused pandemonium…just by being Wendy Whoppers. I was there and I saw it. I wrote in SCORE‘s Boob Beat column for the July ’94 edition (which featured covergirl Wendy in a solo pictorial), “Photographers have a field day at the Consumer Electronics Show and this year was no exception. The ultra-dynamic duo of Lisa Lipps and Wendy Whoppers made explosive entrances and exits, worthy of the Cannes Film Festival, and drew the biggest mobs of frenzied shutterbugs I’ve ever seen at CES.”

Back in 1994, one of the more widespread publicity gimmicks in the big bust world was the planned “wedding” of Lisa and Wendy in Las Vegas. At the time, they were living together, often worked together and were close friends, so it made for good copy and talk. Why not? Their names were usually paired up anyway in the minds of the super-bazooka loving public: Lisa Lipps and Wendy Whoppers. Later they would go their separate ways, with Lisa remaining in Vegas, while Wendy would move to Ohio, then ultimately relocate to Florida.

Boob men were jolted by a comeback pictorial in September ’97 SCORE of Wendy with much smaller boobs, black hair and tattoos. The effect is startling at first for those used to her trademark huge tits and blonde bangs. The “new” Wendy was sexy. Just in an extremely different way.

With her feature dancing and modeling career behind her, the “new” (now blonde again) Wendy entered the equally new world of the Internet. She taught herself web design and lives a life that’s a million miles away from the mobs of excited fans who once encircled her at the CES and Video Software Dealers Association conventions and in adult stores throughout America.

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