Claudia – Lap Dance In Your Face

Lap Dance In Your Face

Lap Dance In Your Face

You could fry an egg on those hot tits. Claudia does a P.O.V. lap dance in this upgraded video. She sticks her big jugs and her shaved pussy in your face amongst other things. She came our way from a photographer we know in Arizona where he found Claudia in a strip club giving guys boners. When we want a good jack, one of the videos we play is Claudia’s video.

No need to worry about any club managers bothering you when Claudia plops her tits in your lap, either. Like a good little lapper, Claudia’s eyes expertly scan the room, on the alert for nosey bouncers. This video clocks in at 21 minutes, which in real lap dance time would cost approximately $140. US. or 96 British Pound Sterling. We know these things. This is a video that many of you will cherish, for at least two or maybe even three days, until you find someone else you like better. Claudia, the boys at SCORE salute you and thank God you take all major credit cards.

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