Lisa Chest – <b>Classic <i>SCORE</i> Girl</b>

Classic SCORE Girl

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<p class=Lisa Chest originally called herself Lisa Gazombas. Boob-oriented modeling and stage names are still used today (“Tiggle Bitties,” ‘Liza Biggs” and “Micky Bells” are a few current examples.) In the Big ’90s, when SCORE began publishing, boob names were everywhere.

Lisa told TSG editor Bruce Arthur that she changed her stage surname to Chest because many club managers couldn’t pronounce “Gazombas.” This was the era of big hair, mega-boobs and trained dancers who traveled the club circuit. Many of them sported some bush, always well-trimmed like Lisa’s.

SCORE filmed Lisa in the Bahamas during a 1992 photo shoot that also included Chloe Vevrier and Savannah Staxxx. This video was shot in California. Lisa’s first pictorial was published in November 1992. Readers were impressed. Among her tasty treats were her big tan-lined tits capped by wide areolae. She has a scene in the DVD, The Greatest Big Bust Video Ever 1.

Reader C.T. wrote, “I recently met Miss Lisa Chest (aka Lisa Gazombas) at the Deja Vu Showbar here in Toledo, Ohio. In fact, I brought her a dozen roses when she was there. She moved about on stage like a wildcat in a frenzy, and made me glad that I was there to watch her stellar performance. My hat’s off to the lovely lass.” Unfortunately for C.T., that was all he got to take off.

Lisa’s career was relatively short. By 1995, she’d exited from dancing and modeling. A few years ago, someone claimed Lisa was going to make a comeback, but that never materialized. I didn’t believe him anyway.

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