Demmy Blaze – Blazin’ Boobs

Blazin’ Boobs

Blazin' Boobs

“I always wear tight clothes,” says Demmy Blaze, a new SCORE Girl (August ’16 SCORE magazine) with a fantastic, beautiful body. Her fluency in English is pretty good. She’s quiet in this video but gets chatty in the Bonus video when she measures herself and tries on bras. “I like to show my figure. I don’t like baggy clothes. I have a small waist and big boobs and I like to look my best.”

Demmy started busting out when she was 15 and her treasures just kept growing. She likes going to the gym and working out. There could be no greater distraction for a guy lifting weights in a gym than Demmy bouncing on a treadmill. “I like to show off my boobs,” said Demmy. “I like to get nice compliments about my figure. I don’t like to get…what do you call it, cat-calls…from guys.”

“My favorite way to relax is by going to a spa and to a beauty salon. I feel very sexy when my hair and make-up is nice and I wear clothing that is complimentary to my figure. I enjoyed my SCORE photo shoots. It’s a good experience for me.” And a good experience for breast-men, for sure, Demmy.

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