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Sweet & Tasty

Sweet & Tasty

Covergirl of XL Girls magazine SP 299, Allie Pearson goes Hawaiian in Florida with a flower in her hair as she goes bare. Super-popular Allie has never left the Top 20-rated Models page since her debut. Is it Allie’s big G-cup tits, her happy smile, her bright, wide eyes, her cheery personality or is it all of the above?

“When I go out, I like to show off my body,” says Allie who had never modeled before until she contacted XL Girls. “It depends on my mood, just like everything else. I would say that I don’t dress to show off my chest, but when I do, I enjoy all of the attention. I always wear a bra. I don’t dress to show off regularly. When I do, I love it.

“I love being the center of attention. I love having my makeup and hair done at The SCORE Group. All those things. I’ve always been such a girly-girl, but the opportunities that have presented themselves, and where I was at, it never became an option for me. I never thought that it would be something so professional and glamorous and comforting.”

Allie’s never owned a sex toy so when she has a chance to masturbate at home, she uses her fingers to rub her clit until she orgasms…like she’s doing here.

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